Every business, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar establishment or an online venture, needs competent marketing strategies to thrive. The legal industry is no different. Read on to know viable attorney SEO strategies for promoting your legal services online.

All law firms and lawyers need clients to grow, and what better tool than Google? Sources state that search engine optimization, also known as SEO is the best way to get organic traffic. Why? Because 96% users seeking legal advice rely on search engines for information and 74% clients visit an authorized agency’s website to hire an attorney. However, the problem is that clients invest heavily in web designing, content marketing, and SEO without knowing the basics of it. Here’s all you ought to know.

Top 5 Attorney SEO Tips: Here’s How the Search Engine Optimizers will Boost your Rankings…

  1. On-page Optimization

Website or on-page optimization is one of the core strategies for successful search engine marketing. By making small changes to title tags, meta descriptions, headers, footers, web copy, URLs, internal linking and other technical aspects, you can gain a solid footing in the virtual world.

  1. Legal Writing

A well-researched, original and beautifully crafted write-up defines a good web presence. You can’t expect that from an average writer. You need to hire an expert in this field with comprehensive knowledge of multiple languages. This way, you can put up interesting info on the blogs or website to attract the audience.

  1. Social Media Marketing

An SEO expert helps you curate top content with hashtags and all included, to get maximum brand exposure online through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube and other top-tier social networks.

  1. Link Building

Linking up with the best and most authoritative website guarantees a stellar online reputation. Links generated through white-hat techniques help you rank well. Remember to include many inbound and outbound links in your blog posts and web content for good rankings.

  1. Online Citations

Creating business profiles on Google Business, Yellow Pages, Yelp and other websites is valuable to law firms. They link your company with a physical location and prove that you are doing legitimate business.

As many lawyers have taken to the internet, it has made the legal industry one of the most competitive sectors when it comes to search engine optimization. Hopefully, these 5 SEO strategies will help you boost online rankings by making small tweaks.