Urgent requirement because of some serious issue or getting married or may be have an exciting travelling plan. Personal loan is one of the easiest solutions.

So, here I am listing 5 steps that would guide you how to get a Pinjaman Peribadi. The list will cover all the sides from the documents required to the amount you are able to have a loan or how much be the interest rate and how much you have to pay.

Get ready to apply for your Pinjaman Peribadi

  • Estimation: Find out using rough page and pen that how much money you need. Make round figure estimation.
  • Eligibility Checking: Wherever you want to have a loan from, check the eligibility of yours accordingly.
  • If you want to have loan through Malaysia Cooperative loan, visit the website http://koperasimalaysia.org/, they provide a link to check eligibility from various organisation.
  • Instalment Checking: You may use your normal calculator or you may use an online calculator to check your monthly instalment according to the amount you take as loan.loan
  • Approach the Bank: Now whatever organisation you choose, approach them by giving the details of your own, that how much is your need and what are your background and other eligibility. Either you can do it through offline, by visiting a bank and taking to bank personnel. Otherwise you can also apply online through net banking. Sometime official websites of the bank also provide the permission to apply for loan. That’s why you may also check that criteria too. However, my personal preference is to meet bank personnel so that you can be clear with all your doubts and be relaxed.
  • Document submission: This is actually a very important step. Be very careful with all the documents you are submitting. A single mistake in the document may create problem. The main documents that are normally asked for are:
  • Identity proof
  • Address proof
  • Monthly Income statements e.g. Salary slip or IT returns.
  • Bank Statements
  • No-objection certificate in case you already have a loan elsewhere
  • Photographs

So, after acceptation of all the documents and clearance after checking your details, the organisation will allow you to have a loan. This period is known as allowance time. After all this, the organisation will send the money to your account in that organisation or maybe you can have it on cash too.