Nowadays, IVF or in vitro fertilization has become a common and household word. Earlier, it was thought to be as a peculiar procedure aimed at infertility producing “test-tube babies” (as per that period). Louise Brown was the first baby (England in 1978), who was conceived outside the womb of her mother.

Unlike the simpler procedures linked with artificial insemination, IVF is involved with the combination of sperm and eggs outside of the body within a laboratory. After the formation of the embryo(s), they are then put in the uterus. You need to remember that IVF is an expensive and complex procedure.

Capability of IVF

While it comes to the question of infertility, IVF might be a choice in case you or your partner were diagnosed with:

  • Low sperm counts
  • Endometriosis
  • Issues with the fallopian tubes or uterus
  • Antibody issues that harm eggs or sperm
  • Ovulation issues
  • An unexplained fertility issue
  • The incapability of sperm of penetrating or surviving in the cervical mucus

IVF is not an initial step in the infertility treatment except in scenarios of full tubal blockage. Instead of that, it is secured for the scenario in which other procedures including surgery, fertility drugs, and artificial insemination have not succeeded. If you are interested in IVF treatment, then you need to evaluate any treatment center properly prior to experiencing the particular procedure.

The initial step involved with IVF associates injecting hormones so that you can produce multiple eggs per month rather than only one. The test will be performed in determining if you are prepared for egg retrieval. After that, rest of the procedures are performed.

IVF or In vitro fertilization is a heavily performed ART (assisted reproductive technology) that has assisted thousands in realizing their parenthood dreams. It is a process involved with four steps consisting of the following:

  • Ovulation induction
  • Retrieval of egg
  • Fertilization within a laboratory
  • Transferring embryo to the uterus of a mother

The significant advantage involved with IVF treatment is that it gives the opportunity to formerly infertile couples to conceive their own children, however, many other benefits are also associated with IVF. It is very important to consult an experienced and well-trained doctor if you wish to experience IVF treatment. The doctors can provide you an in-depth understanding of the whole procedure and make a decision in case it is the suitable treatment for you.

IVF can provide a great hope to the patients, who are experiencing various causes related to infertility. Women, who are experiencing blockages or damage in the fallopian tubes, have small scopes of getting pregnant without the help of fertility treatment, however, In vitro fertilization can avoid this problem.

Men, who are involved with a low sperm count or problems linked with sperm motility, might have issue fertilizing the eggs of their partner. As fertilization procedure happens outside the body in times of IVF treatment, it gives a solution that escapes the requirement for the male’s sperm for navigating the reproductive tract of the woman.

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