One of the most basic requirements in any kitchen in this day and age is a good quality pressure cooker. It is very handy to have one and many even prefer to have more than one pressure cooker in their households. It is very good for cooking as it takes considerably less time to cool or boil when compared to the conventional methods. This is very helpful for people who have a busy schedule. Apart from this it is also handy because people can also use pressure cooker for canning

If you have one of these at your house then you will no longer have to think about preserving food like fruits and vegetables. If you just put them in a canning jar then you can be rest assured that you can eat it at a time which is more suitable for you in the near future.


Some Things to Remember When Using a Cooker

In order to use a cooker for canning you need to keep certain things in mind. There is a process that you should follow to preserve your food effectively. Here are some pointers on how you can use your pressure cooker for canning and for cooking.

  • You should ensure that there are no blockages in your pressure cooker. It is common for calcium deposits or other things to get stuck at the vent pipes. You should ensure this does not happen in your cooker.
  • You should always center the canner right above the burner.
  • In case of hot food which are jammed packed you should bring water to 180F before positioning the rack with water in the canner. On the other hand if you intend to preserve raw filled food then the water should only be at around 140F.
  • While using a cooker with gasket you should carefully place it before you lock the cooker.
  • The canner cover should be fastened safely. The pet cock should be opened up.
  • The pressure of the cooker should be set depending on the kind of food that you are cooking.
  • The heat needs to be set at its highest so that the water boils and heavy steam visibly flows. The steam circulation should be allowed for about ten minutes while maintaining the high temperature.
  • A reliable pressure should be maintained by regulating the heat of the canner. The right pressure is suggested in the manual that comes with the product.
  • Once the cooking is done the heat needs to be switched off and the canner should be left to cool.
  • You should never forcefully open the cooker open.