People strive hard day and night to earn money so that one day they too will be able to buy or construct their house, like others. Whether it is big or small, people always are emotionally attached to their houses. They want everything to be perfect in their houses and also according to the latest trend. But‘trend’ is a volatile term. What could have been trendy in the past may become obsolete in the coming years? Kitchen being the heart of the house must be in vogue.

Kitchen cabinet refacing

Cabinet refacing generally refers to altering the look of the kitchen using the existing cabinet structures, unlike kitchen remodelling in which the whole cabinet is replaced.  Old doors, drawers and handles are replaced with new ones.Doesn’t matter you own a traditional house with an old fashioned kitchen,you always have the option of refacing it. Why not go for kitchen cabinets st.charles. Don’t think too much and get your traditional kitchen transformed into a modern-day masterpiece at an affordable price.

kitchen cabinets st. charles

Why go for re-facing instead of renovating?

One must go hand in hands with new ways and techniques irrespective of the nature of the work because they are more accurate and precise. Like, earlier people used to make houses from wood and other natural materials but they opted for modern techniques albeit gradually. Then, why notgive a try to reface your kitchen rather than having it renovated. Advantages of refacing over renovation are as follows-

  • Reduces the cost of remodelling the kitchen since existing cabinets are used
  • Soft-close hardware is used. So no more slamming of drawers and doors.
  • Unlike remodelling, which takes almost a month, it takes only three to five days.
  • The kitchen can be used in morning and evening during the refacing process.
  • Aesthetic view of the kitchen in increased.
  • The finish of cabinets and refacing materials comes with a guarantee of ten years.
  • The labour cost also is guaranteed for a year from the date of installation.
  • Customization choices
  • Increases the resale value of the house

The only downside of this process is that it is mandatory to keep the layout of your kitchen same. The main goal is to make your kitchen look better and not to remodel it. For having a trendy yet an aesthetic kitchen and also to get in touch with kitchen cabinets st. charles, you can always log on to their website using the link and get all your queries cleared.