Carpets are expensive as well as an important piece of our home décor. These carpets will get dirty over time and will need to be cleaned. Since there is a big chance for the carpet to get damaged if the proper equipment, cleaning methods, and chemicals are not used, most of us will prefer to hire a professional like the Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne. Their professionals have a lot of experience and can be trusted to ensure 100% cleanliness and hygiene.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

But good the carpet cleaning services are we must always inquire about a few things before signing their quotation. Here are some general inquiries to be made

  • If they offer free estimates

A lot of carpet cleaning services offer free estimates to their customers as it helps them to decide. Knowing the types of services and their respective costs will help you to make a comparison and decide upon.  Some companies offer estimates over phone calls which is a great plus point of such companies.

  • The methods used for cleaning the carpet

There are different methods of carpet cleaning like the hot water extraction method, dry cleaning method, steam carpet cleaning method, etc. The customer must be well aware of the method they are going to use to clean the carpet and its benefit over others.

  • Whether the carpet cleaning company is insured and bonded

The use of inefficient equipment or highly concentrated chemicals etc. can damage your carpet extensively. So it is always recommended to ensure that the company has insurance and bonding. The factors which can damage the carpet also include workers without proper training, improper methods of cleaning and careless after clean measurements.

  • Duration took for the carpet to fully dry

The time taken for the carpet to dry should also be known beforehand tobe prepared for it. Some standard companies provide boots to wear while the carpet dries and recommend to keep pets off the carpet for this duration. The drying time can be reduced by turning on heaters, fans or opening windows.

  • Whether the work output is guaranteed

Almost all the carpet cleaning companies give guarantees but can have a tail of different conditions. Make sure that you know about all these conditions upfront before hiring one.

The above are the most important things to enquire before hiring a carpet cleaning service. But the list doesn’t end there; you might also want to know about

  • Certifications and industry training
  • Reviews and carpet cleaning experience
  • Extra benefits included along with the cleaning service
  • About moving of the furniture and placing it back
  • Low or neutral pH treatment methods are used

It is every individual’s right to know about the services they are going to hire completely. One must not feel ashamed or bad to make requirements or to reject if they do not meet the necessary quality standards. All the carpet cleaning services will not be transparent and might not provide us with the best quality services like that of the Carpet Cleaning, so we mustinquire about everything beforehand itself. This can avoid all the troubles which might otherwise be encountered and ensure quality service. An added benefit of the enquiring nature of the customer is that the company will ensure that the workers are not careless at any point and quality work is done.