After the engagement has become official, there is a lot of wedding planning that needs to be done. This can result in the engagement party being overlooked. Although it isn’t mandatory to have an engagement party, a majority of couples have a close friend or parent that want to celebrate the occasion and give them one. The following are some engagement party rules you should know about.

Who should host an engagement party?

Usually, it is inappropriate for the couple to host their very own engagement party unless they are using it for announcing their engagement. Traditionally it has also impolite for an engaged couple to ask a friend or relative to throw a party for them; they should wait for someone to offer the party but when it comes to close family that rule is frequently flexible.

In general, the parents of one of the individuals getting married hosts the engagement party. There are also situations, for example when the two families are living in different areas of the country, where they might each host separate engagement parties. The engagement party can also be hosted by a close member of the family of a good friend like the best man or maid of honour.

Where should an engagement party take place?

Although there isn’t a fixed rule for that, ideally the engagement party will occur as soon after the engagement is announced as possible, and several months at least before the wedding. As a general rule, it should be fine for it to be within three months of an engagement being announced and nine to twelve months prior to the wedding.

Before an engagement party takes place, it is helpful to have key information lake the date of the wedding and venue, or a general location at least. Having the rings is also essential since they are the stars of the show. However, many couples discover there isn’t enough time to get an engagement party planned between their engagement announcement and wedding.

Who should get invited to an engagement party?

Celebrities are making it very fashionable to have large engagement bashes, but it is generally recommended that your engagement party be kept intimate and small with only close friends and family. Ideally, you won’t invite anyone to your engagement party that isn’t invited to your wedding, so when the party is kept small, it is playing things safe as well.

Since one of your parents will probably host the engagement party, it is very important to have an equal number invited from each of the families. One major purpose of an engagement party is to have the couple’s families meet one another during a relaxed event prior to the wedding.

Are guests required to bring gifts to an engagement party?

Guests aren’t obligated to take gifts to the engagement party, and they shouldn’t be expected to. There are some couples that register engagement gits. However, that may be viewed as being greedy when these same guests are going to be purchasing wedding gifts in a few months. More and more, guests are turning to trophy cups as memorabilia of the date for the couple and save gifts for the actual wedding. You should mention fits on your invitations unless you are going to specifically state you don’t want them.

Although it isn’t necessary, many guests still are going to bring gifts to congratulate you, so be sure to give some present ideas to the host of your party; they will definitely be asked what you would like. Be sure to send all guests who attend thank you cards, whether they brought gifts or not.

It isn’t necessary to have engagement party favours; however, some couples like to give guest something that they can take home with them. One popular choice is giving save-the-date trinkets. One good idea is giving a bottle of wine to your guests that have a special save-the-date label that has your wedding details on it.