India is a country where culture, history and traditions coexist with incredible contrasts and an overpopulation that turns it into an authentic experience when visiting it. Bombay, also known as Mumbai in Hindi, is the most populated city in the country and is the highest exponent of all these characteristics that make India one of the most beloved and yet most detested countries in the world.

In India and Bombay you can find several types of bread with accompanying main courses and sauces. The Chapati is one of them and consists of a cake of whole meal cooked in the tandoor (oven) or on a hot plate called tawa. In the restaurants they serve as complement of all kinds of dishes like the Thali.

The Pappad is one of the loaves in India. What characterizes it is that it is made with very seasoned lentil flour. The dough is thinner than the chapati and slightly crisper. Usually eat as an accompaniment or as an aperitif, although you will also see that some are chopped and mixed with rice.

Mumbai food

The Thali is one of the most famous dishes of northern India and you can enjoy in any restaurant in Bombay. It is a menu served on a large tray with several bowls and containers filled with various ingredients and sauces. The typical Thali is composed of rice, chapati or pappad, paneer (cheese), vegetable, curd (yogurt) among others. The good thing about the Thali is that you can eat until you burst as the waiters go filling the bowls until you cannot. The thali is usually eaten with the hands using the chapati or pappad as a spoon.

Tandori chicken is another of India’s most famous dishes. Its name comes from the tandoor, charcoal oven in which it is cooked. The basic ingredient is roasted chicken that is marinated with yogurt and then seasoned with masala spices, garlic, ginger, paprika and others. It is a great dish but very spicy.   PavBhaji is one of the typical dishes of street food in Bombay. It consists of a mixture of various vegetables such as potato, tomato, onion, and chopped green pepper, usually very spicy, accompanied by two pieces of bread.

  Another of the typical Mumbai food is the Chana Masala. It is a kind of stew based on chickpeas but with a very strong flavor, as it is made with coriander seeds, chilli and ginger, as well as onions and chopped tomatoes. It is usually served with bread or rice.  t is a typical dish of Bombay street stalls. Hindus usually eat it as a snack. The delicacy consists of a crisp and hollow ball filled with chili, potatoes, onion, chickpeas, tamarind and chaat masala. It is very rich and is a good dish to eat as an appetizer. GulabJamun is one of the typical Bombay desserts made with powdered milk dough and flour with sugar, rose water and colored with saffron to give it the characteristic red color. Ball shaped and fried in oil. Usually sold by the street, it is easy to find them.