Most women feel when I can feel the first symptoms of pregnancy, what would be the early signs of it and whether you are due for conception or implantation. There are simple signs of pregnancy and this going to happen even before you have gone on to miss the first period. Then it is the perfect time to start in figuring out or to calculate weeks of pregnancy as well. The earliest you can feel it is once the process of implantation has taken place. Just keep a pregnancy record book and note down and keep a record of all the happenings during this critical phase of life.

Early signs of pregnancy

A few days after conception, the egg is fertilized in the uterus. At this point of time the first physical signs of pregnancy tend to take place. Women are known to experience cramping. If spotting emerges it is not going to emerge after a couple of weeks after implantation. Spotting would point to implantation bleeding and it could be mistaken for your period, but it is not going to be heavy as your periods

At this point of time women are known to feel a change in their breasts. This would include tenderness or the breasts are known to become heavy. The hormone levels are bound to rise during the period of conception and this could mean an early pregnancy as well. There is a confusion that it could be a period of morning sickness but this could emerge at any point of time as well. If there is low pressure with reduced blood sugar it could lead to fainting. In case of some women they do experience these feelings, thinking that they are sick and head to a doctor at the earliest.


The cramps that tend to take place in the abdomen may replicate to be menstrual cramps. Spotting and bleeding may be a lot similar to menstrual bleeding. In case of some women they do mistake it as start of their monthly cycle.

Vaginal discharge

It is not only bleeding, a woman is expected to face a thick white discharge from their vagina. This could be related to pregnancy as it would indicate the thickening of the walls of the vagina. This tends to emerge after implantation and conception. This discharge is going to continue throughout the course of pregnancy and is rated to be harmless and moreover does not require any form of treatment as well. But if there is a foul smell emerging from the same you would need to ask your doctor to confirm whether it is infection in any form.

Morning sickness

One of the earliest and popular symptoms of pregnancy happens to be morning sickness. It is estimated that nausea tends to be more common in the morning as the stomach fluids tends to build up overnight, but women who are prone to morning sickness do feel nausea at some point during the course of pregnancy.