People frequently ask which air purifier is best suited for completely removing smoke generated by cigarettes. Usually as an answer they receive the names of two three air purifiers that have been serving well over the years. However these answers rarely go into detail. For a comprehensive answer, you should look for information that focuses on the specific features that aid the purifier in removing all poisonous elements that come from cigarette smoke and maintaining healthy fresh air around. Some blog posts do a better job of answering this question and we will attempt to do likewise.

Here we have a list of features that makes an air purifier best for removing dust, pollutants, chemicals, allergens etc.

Efficient Filtration technology:

  • An air purifier must consist of closely packed filtration levels with a different filter at each level.
  • The retention capacity must be high to remove all the dust particles around the area
  • It must have a V5 cell gas and a hyper HEPA filters for an increased performance.
  • The V5 cell gas filters are packed with a broad spectrum gas and odor removal formula in a small V shaped container. These are capable enough to remove all the toxins including cigarette smoke, chemicals and allergens.
  • The hyper HEPA filter is required to increase the micro dust, mist and allergens particle retention to almost 100% more than the ordinary HEPA filters. Be it a smoke, dust or any other kind of air pollutant it will efficiently remove all of them.
  • All filters must be quality checked to facilitate absolutely fresh air all around without bypassing any of the dust or pollutant particles.

Design and range of Air Purifier:

  • The design of an air purifier must be efficient enough to cover the maximum possible area around you or a whole room if placed inside it.
  • If a purifier is efficient enough to cover a maximum of 900 Sq. ft of area around it then it is considered as a good feature.
  • It should be designed to offer clean air all around evenly and not in a specific direction. The design should also be efficient enough to easily accommodate anywhere as per requirements.

Noise free:

  • The Air purifier must be noise free to ensure a distortion free environment around and thus go with the ambience of a place.
  • If ever it’s a bit noisy, make sure it’s only noisy at higher levels of filtration but not at usual normal levels of filtration that will be used by you in your everyday life.

Smart and easy to use:

  • An Air purifier must be smart enough to adjust according to your priorities. It should have timer options for varying the speed of filtration techniques after a certain interval of time.
  • It must have indicators for notifying you regarding the service or replacement of filters once the existing ones have exhausted or require servicing. If possible it must have an indicator to keep you aware about the existing life of filters embedded within your air purifier. It will save you from breathing contaminated air after the filters have been exhausted.
  • The servicing and handling of Air filters must be easy so that an individual can easily take care of his/her air purifier if ever there is any issue with the basic elements. It can be like cleaning, replacing filters etc.

The IQAirPurifierpro plus is the one that features all these listed parameters and is thus considered as one of the best air purifier. Since years, IQAirPurifier pro plus has been proven efficient in removing cigarette smoke, dust, all chemical and allergens from its surroundings.