Griddles are the pan or kitchen cooking utility used to cook more than one item at a time. It is mainly classified into two major types based on the cooking method. They are

  • Stove top griddle
  • Electric griddle

Electric griddle are where the pan is attached to the electric conductor. Here the griddle choice is mostly based on the material. Size of the griddle will be in the limit. It is not convenient to use electric griddle due to its size and the power consumption, they are not preferred for commercial purpose. With the rise in electric bill, mostly people think before getting into this choice. Another type Stove Top Griddle is the preferable choice of many. This is the common option preferred by commercial chef. It is easy to use with the access to gas or fire. This does not need electricity. If we buy electric griddle, we should have access to power socket. We cannot get the access if we are in preparing to use griddle while camping. In this case, stove tops griddle is the proper choice.

Stove Top Griddle

Stove top griddles are the choice which you can use with the access to gas, fire with wood and any other heat source. It is portable and can be used from anywhere. Since it just needs fire and the table, you can make the plot within anywhere around the place. If you are considerate about choosing a griddle, you should have the ability to find the right choice. With this article, it is not shown that electric griddles are not good with the usage but stove top griddle is more convenient when compared with it. If you have decided with the option, then it is time to check out various other features. Some other features to take into consideration are

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Material
  • Identification

Apart from these points, you need to consider the griddle with grill pan. Mostly griddle used for home use are made with half flat surface and half grill surface. This will help in the cooking without using more oil. We can access limited oil on the surface and get the food without sticky on the pan surface. Griddle is always flat in its surface, we can easily use the spatula to twist and turn the dishes. Get into a online site to check out all the types of griddle and make wise choice of selection.