Shadow Fight is a popular mobile game in versus mode that is about fighting in a unique way. it’s a very successful franchise, to say the least since it’s now on its fourth installment, Shadow Fight 4. It has a solid number of followers and with so many people playing it, it’s not stopping anytime soon and throwing the white towel.

Obviously there are games now out there that has far better graphics that you can play in a mobile device, but because the game came in a time that a fluid gameplay of versus wasn’t possible, this game made it possible. Offering storylines and a unique gameplay that made anyone get hooked the moment they played it. While it’s now in its 4th installment, if you are going to play the first one, it’s still going to be a very good game.

It’s uniqueness: What makes it unique from other versus games is the trademark silhouette gameplay. When you see the silhouettes fighting you know already that it’s Shadow Fight. Aside from that, the movements were natural like, there was no weird powers or anything, it’s just you going thru the storyline, acquiring some moves, skills, weapons, armors, accessories along the way.

The gameplay: The best part about the gameplay is customization, if you got beaten by your opponent because your carrying a knife and he’s carrying a sword, you can change up your arsenal and choose a longer sword or a sphere and have a more durable armor to lessen the blow and have better chances of winning. You can’t do that in other versus games and the best part about it is that as you go along, you can acquire additional moves that you can use to your advantage.

It’s a fun game: Now it gets better over time, like better graphics, better storytelling, more weapons, better armors, better skills and so on. People always try to compare one game to the other, but why should you? You don’t just play one game, you can play many games. Keep in mind that opinions and reviews are very subjective and can be sometimes contrary to other people’s beliefs. You can acknowledge it, but there’s no harm in trying it out yourself too. One thing is certain, you can never go wrong with the Shadow Fight series.

The game is a hit ever since it was first available on October 9th of 2013.  the game came in a time where getting a good versus game was still far fetched, because mobile devices still has very little gaming capacity to cater to heavy games unlike now. It continued to evolved over the years and has amassed flowers that lead to the success of the franchise which is now on it’s 4th installment. This goes to show that the gameplay and the overall experience of the game still can work it’s magic. If you haven’t played the game yet, or you haven’t played the earlier ones of the newest one, you can visit to download it. It’s a fun game that any versus gamer will surely love. The game play is interesting, fun and fluid. So if you;re looking for a good versus game in a mobile device, this is it right here.