Soccer cleats are a type of shoe that is used in the game of soccer. Soccer cleats are these performance shoes that have evolved drastically over time but the outsole design still follows the same design that when you see the shoe you know it’s a soccer cleat. The soccer cleats of today are now very far from the soccer cleats of yesterday.

Now it’s more lighter and more responsive, thanks to the newer technology that is being put in it that helps soccer players perform at their best and pretty expensive too. With so many people that are into soccer on a global scale, regardless of the price people will still pay for it in exchange for the experience. There are a lot of expensive shoes from various brands and various sports and for the people that buys these things, it only goes to show that people do have money to get these things.

Why people buy it? Aside from being fond of the game and being technology driven, it’s also about the shoe culture of today. People love using and collecting shoes (ofcourse soccer cleats are included!). It’s because of this demand, idolizing these football/soccer stars and a solid fan base that soccer sneaker culture blew up just like soccer. Basically there are a market to sell these shoes and people buy them.

Why buy the expensive ones: Not really mentioning about the limited release, colab and all that, but tech expensive, the cream of the crop shoes that showcases a shoe company’s best of what they offer. It’s about the technology that is built around the shoes and the durability of it. With that said, here are a few of the expensive ones:

  • Nike Mercurial Superfly 4 (Tech Craft Pack) priced at 1000
  • Nike Mercurial What The Superfly IV priced at $550
  • Nike Hypervenom 3 priced at $300
  • Adidas Nemeziz 17+ 360 Agility FG Soccer Cleats priced at $275
  • Nike Magista Obra II priced at $250

Why tech matters: Tech is not just about the facelift and the looks for the sake of upgrading something and slap some a hefty price point in the shoe. Tech does work, take flyknit for example and flywire. Flyknit is basically a durable knitted  upper that helps make the feet secure like a boot and the flywire helps with locking the foot making it more secure and these materials are lighter and more flexible than the technologies of old.

There is a controversy behind the most expensive soccer cleats and for a very good reason, why priced shoes that can be abused in the first place? The answer is many things really, the sneaker culture, it’s a pro sho, a colab shoe, aside from it being durable it also has a lot of tech in it that makes the shoe perform. While there are people that won’t ever buy these expensive shoes, there are people that do. Shoe companies already justified why they make such very expensive shoes and one of the reasons why it blossomed is because people buy them. can you justify the Yeezys, the Pharrell’s or how about the Nike Air Mag?